About Career Consultancy


Throughout its history, Career Consultancy is recognized by the student Communities for its Commitment to Excellence. But by far the most rewarding recognition given to Career Consultancy is their satisfied Universities / Students. Universities return to Career Consultancy for recruiting highly qualified and eligible students for the different courses they provide. Students return to Career Consultancy with references of their friends / colleagues.

Career Consultancy meets this long felt need of aspiring youth to make the dreams come true by providing world class education with cutting edge technology and innovative curriculum from various universities in countries like Germany, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, France, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Poland etc.


Indian educational system has been undergoing a paradigm shift in the recent past. India has the world's second largest secondary - student population of around 12 million. It is expected this number will double over the next decade. Faced with the growing demand for the higher education, India is looking towards the Private Sector and Foreign Universities to bridge the projected gap. Indian economy is transforming into an international power house requiring India to have the best possible educational opportunities for its citizens. Indian students are interested in diplomas, undergraduate, post graduate and vocational programmes offered by Foreign Universities because of the excellent career prospects they offer. This demand is reflected by the tens of thousands of students going to the foreign countries every year for higher education.Though the major attraction of an overseas education is from the perspective of future employment, there are plenty of other factors that make studying abroad a rewarding and fulfilling experience – the opportunity to discover and experience a different culture, the chance to acquire life-skills and the sheer joy of making friends from all around the world.

  • Research opportunities at universities abroad
  • Employment opportunities abroad
  • Studying abroad at internationally acclaimed institutions- A definite value addition
  • International education - multinational opportunities
  • All these reasons motivate Indian students to spread their wings and seek educational opportunities abroad.


To provide the highest quality services and support for its clients, in tune with its Quality Policy, objectives and values.


To become one of the most reputed and reliable names in Global Educational Industry and be recognized as the best in providing Career Guidance by upholding our integrity, professionalism and be innovation in our services. We are firmly committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility to help enrich the quality of life of the community especially the underprivileged children and preserve ecological balance and heritage through environment conscience.

Quality Policy:

To provide our clients superior quality services that meet the highest standards of professional performance, satisfy client requirements, and deliver exceptional value. We achieve this by team work and by striving to continuously improve our services. We ensure that our services comply with requirements and meet or exceed client expectations. Finally, we recruit, develop and retain a qualified and motivated staff.


Our core values are Integrity, Care, Innovation, Passion and Trust.

Career Consultancy Team:

The team at Career Consultancy consists of professionals with extensive knowledge of the Overseas Education and also with a deep understanding of the Learning Domain. A team of skilled Executives with an average work experience of 5 years and with an educational background of PostGraduation in management and other related areas.


Top Universities

northwest-vista-school1.pngstedwards.pngSUNY_Buffalo_State_College1.pngwestern-new-england.pngLynn_University.pngtexas-am-university-commerce1.pngkent-state.pngflorida-ins-of-tech.pngduquesne unversity.pnguniversity-of-findlay.pngHult_International_Business_School1.pngmercer1.pngcleveland-state-university1.pngtexas-state-university1.pngbowling-green-state-university.pngCalifornia_State_University_Fresno1.pngnku-nothern-university1.pngHumboldt_State_University1.png